Educate a Child, Empower the Ummah

Here at ICNEV Islamic school we are constantly striving to improve and ensure a better Islamic learning experience for your children. Our program is committed to providing a fun motivational environment to foster Islamic learning. Our unique learning materials are designed to engage children of all levels in the learning process.

Our Vision

Develop a new generation of Muslim leaders who are well-versed in the Islamic sciences. Learning Arabic is the key to understanding Quran and Hadith. Understanding the story of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) is a unique way to teach Islamic manners, bravery, mercy, and establish a deep love for our Prophet (pbuh).

To register your child or learn more about the program, please contact us at :

CLASS Schedule

Sunday 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Islamic School Documents

Islamic School Registration Form

Islamic School Parent’s Handbook

Islamic School Staff

Principal - Sr. Izdihar El-Hilal

Vice Principal - Sr. Suhayla Alkaz

Administrator - Sr. Fatehia Ali

Administrator - Sr. Souad Mouhgoune

Admin/Communications - Sr. Xeynab

Islamic School TEACHER

Pre-K - Sr. Dema Abdullah

K-G - Sr. Ruba Shasheet

First - Sr. Mena Abdullah

Second - Sr. Leila Kanaan

Third - Rouba Choghari

Fourth - Sr. Shaima Khairi

Fifth - Sr. Rula Dwaik